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Q. What size audience is appropriate for your performance?​
A. Depending on the type of performance it can be as small as 10 people and up to several thousand.
Q. Does Nick have to be on an actual stage to perform his stage show?​
A. No. The stage performance means he performs in front of everyone at once. In order to provide the best entertainment, the stage or performing area should be 20’L X 15’W or greater. If the client has a smaller stage/performing area, Nick can make it work depending on what the size is. ​​
Q. Is there any inappropriate language or will people get embarrassed in the show?​
A. No. Nick does not use any inappropriate language and does not embarrass anyone. Nick always strives to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, can relax, and have a good time. ​ ​
Q. How long are the performances?​
A. There are different performance times for stage and strolling? Stage can be a small 10 min demo up to a 1 hour show. Strolling can be 30 mins up to 2.5 hours. Best thing is to contact Nick to discuss the details of your event and audience size so you can get the perfect performance time.​
Q. What does the client need to provide for Nick’s performance?​
A. Stage- Nick will provide you with his technical rider. It has standard requirements. Basic sound and lighting along with 2 cocktail size tables. Strolling- Client does NOT have to provide anything. ​
Q. How far is Nick willing to travel to entertain?​
A. Nick is available worldwide. ​
Q. How much does it cost?​
A. That’s difficult to answer. It depends on the performance(s), the performance length, and destination. Best thing is to contact Nick and discuss the details of your event so you can get an accurate price quote. ​


Q. Which speaking topic should I choose?
A. The perfect scenario is to do all three. Depending on your how much time you have and budget here are some considerations. You are learning lifetime skills that can be applied anywhere in the World. When reading body language, to apply this skill you must be able to see the person whether in person or on TV/video. When detecting deceptive language and influencing people, these skills can be applied when talking face-to-face, over the phone, listening to someone on TV, radio, video, and typed messages email/social media. If you can only pick one topic, the best thing to do is contact Nick and discuss your specific needs so he can help you choose the best topic for your situation.
Q. How is the return on investment (ROI) incredible?
A. Your ROI is incredible because for what you are spending, you are getting a lifetime skill set that you can use in any area of your life. In your professional world, you can use these skills to generate much greater income for your own company or the company you work for. These skills can be used to out negotiate and close more deals. Think about the financial return, you spend some money and not only do you get it back from using these skills, you generate more income. This is great for your own business or your own career in a company or organization. Having an impressive performance will result in a promotion, thus putting more money in your pocket. When you hire the wrong employee, you have wasted “X” amount of dollars on this employee for the period they are employed. You also lost money on the poor work they did by losing out on sales, generating new clients, maintaining great relationships with existing clients, they could also be a negative force in the workplace causing others in your company or organization to perform poorly. The skills you learn can be used to hire the best candidate(s) to greatly reduce this loss and make your company or organization succeed. In your personal life you are using these skills to create healthy relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc…. Many people in your life will try to control you and unfortunately take advantage of you because of your relationship with them. These skills will prevent them from doing so and help you see who in your life truly cares about you and who is only with you in order to get something from you. Having this clarity creates incredible peace of mind and is worth the investment.
Q. What size audience is required?​
A. Nick’s program can be experienced from 1 person to several thousand.​
Q. How long will it take to learn?​
A. Everyone learns at their own rate and speed. The program is designed so that everyone will be able to apply most of the skills immediately. ​​
Q. Does the client need to have a working knowledge of similar topics to learn?​
A. No! It doesn’t matter what your education level is or what you do for a living. The program is designed for both your personal and professional life. ​
Q. What does the client need to provide?​
A. Nick will provide his technical rider. It has standard requirements. Regular sound, lighting, etc….​
Q. How much does it cost?​
A. That’s difficult to answer. There are a couple of factors involved- program length and destination. Best thing is to contact Nick and discuss the details of your event so you can get an accurate price quote. ​
Q. How far is Nick willing to travel to speak?​
A. Nick is available worldwide. ​
Q. Can a client have Nick provide both services (entertainment & speaking) at their event?​
A. Yes.​